16 artworks

Art collection Portrait

Covid19 Virus lockdown art collection
13 artworks

This Art painting collection is inspired by the coronavirus Covid19 events, fight against the virus, lockdown period staying at home, mental health fallout... Some of the Artworks were selected to be displayed at the Fortune Brainstorm Health Virtual conference 7 and 8th of July 2020

Neoexpressionism inspired by Basquiat etc
8 artworks

Neoexpressionism Art Collection inspired by Basquiat and other famous Artist or less

Abstrait - Abstraction
45 artworks


ROAD SAFETY - Sécurité Routière
6 artworks

Artwork painting and digital art related to ROAD SAFETY - Sécurité Routière

Digital Art and Mobile Games
14 artworks

Digital Art and java vidéo games for smartphones and PalmOS ! Arts numériques et jeux video pour mobiles

Dream and Nightmare
32 artworks

Dream and Nightmare Rêve et cauchemar Good and bad dreams interpretation strange

Wall and Peace Balloon
17 artworks

This collection contains the Artworks painting of this series. Inspiration is from many walls built in the world (Berlin, Belfast, Israel and Palestine, etc...). Apartheid separation segregation.... Title is inspired by the title of the book of Banksy : Wall and Piece One Empty wall as well is there, waiting for you to add some graffitis as a Peace Message ! Faites le Mur !

World Crisis
21 artworks

Artworks inspired by World events, sharing some messages ...

The Screams
5 artworks

Inspiration from MUNCH famous scream ! (Titanic, Singapore Marina Bay Sands...)

11 artworks

Painting about France life and landscapes, made in France

36 artworks

9 artworks

Art Gallery about Japanese topics and Atomic events

22 artworks

Within the painting we can find: Merlion, Marina bay sands, Orchids, Boat quay, Singapore Airlines flying bird logo, Helix bridge, gardens from the bay, Durian'esplanade theater

14 artworks

Artworks painting of scenery or cities of ASIA (Great Wall of China, HongKong, Singapore Marina Bay Sands...)

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