Wabyanko is expressing his feelings on Art Painting with energics strokes and colors on various styles Neoexpressionism and minimalism


Wabyanko is a French self taugh Artist, having a clientele of private & international collectors.

After traveling cross the world, Wabyanko continues to put his effort into expressing himself towards certain abnormal phenomena, social life, pollution ...Lots of energy coming from his painting, like an exploding bomb of colors, Fauvism, Expresionism, illustration and Surrealism mixed. With influences drawn from great artists such as Claude Monet, Gauguin, Buffet, Banksy, takashi murakami... Still learning, emerging Artist so good potential to invest now for Curators Art Lovers. 

Various media to express his creativity: Painting, Watercolors, Geek Art with Mobile phone Freeware (Waquarium, TalkToMyPalm) using Java SuperWaba, TotalCross SDK. An now designing Android apps using Google AndroidStudio with some French Touch !

2021 - 2 Artworks selected in Art Collection inspired by Movies Curated by ArtMajeur 

2020 - November : Etretat Orange Artwork inspired by Claude Monet Featured by Artmajeur in the selection Inspired by Great Masters.

2020 - August : Sotheby's Sunday Challenge, painting Sun painting auction at Sotheby's entrance London 

2020 - July 07-09 - International event #fortunehealth FORTUNE Brainstorm Health Virtual conferences Featured in the Art selection related to Covid19 impacts lockdown economy mental health and what is next...

2019 - Featured by Marina Bay Sands Singapore for the Art painting Singapore neon skyline
2018 - Featured by Gardens by the bay for the Art painting Singapore Marina Bay Skyline dragon

2020 - New step in Art maturity

2018 - Silver Award ArtMajeur

2011 : Back to Art creation

2009-2010 : Art break

2006 - Starting learning Art Painting

Ecole School and University : I do appreciate that my Artworks have been used as material supports for teaching lessons. Teachers, feel free to use for non commercial used.


Monet, Banksy, Coplu, Chagall, Munch, Basquiat


2006-2007 Self Taugh Artist Paris, France

The artist at work

Collective Expositions

2020 Fortune health conferences covid Virtual conference, United States

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